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On Time Punch is a mind training game unlike all others. It trains and entertains your brain and gives you FREE AMAZON VOUCHERS for playing.

  • Insane Fun Gameplay
  • Enhances your Visual memory
  • Kickstarts Your Brain
  • Stimulates Alertness
  • 9 intuitive levels

OTP stands for On Time Punch. But it is very similar to the traditional One Time Password we are already familiar with. While One Time Password lets you complete a banking transaction successfully, our game ON TIME PUNCH is your ticket to FREE Amazon Coupons. An extensive and intuitive gameplay with 9 levels and a minigame that earns you FREE AMAZON VOUCHERS.
What You Get

9 extensive- intuitive game levels with an amazing minigame that rewards you.

Why Choose Us

One of the very first games that trains your brain extensively for visual memory and rewards you at the same time.

You Can Relate

This game is all about choices you make in real life. Your choices define the kind of man you become.


Among the very first games that offer you FREE AMAZON VOUCHERS in exchange for the ingame currency you earn for free.

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On Time Punch is a game like none other. This game is a complete replica of your life. As in real life, the game progresses according to the decisions you take and rewards you accordingly. We also take care of our loyal customers and offer them various perks. The game also introduces a new in-game currency “JORDAN” that can actually be converted into REDEEMABLE AMAZON VOUCHERS.

But FREE AMAZON VOUCHERS aren’t the real deal. The best in -game feature is the brain training it offers you. It enhances your Visual Memory and stimulates faster sensory responses.

The main philosophy behind the game is to deliver to the user, a gaming experience that is not only a fun and intuitive but also very logical and scientific at the same time. The game enhances your visual memory and exploits your senses to the maximum.

On Time Punch isn’t just a game. It’s a complex system of scientifically accurate puzzle systems that help the user make better use of his reflexes. The game has 9 intriguing levels and a minigame that helps you earn your FREE AMAZON VOUCHER faster

ontimepunch mind game

The game has two playable characters each of which has a different character and has a different story to tell. You decide what suits your taste and then choose your character.

Gravo is an energetic, righteous 24 year old dreamer who lives up to his humble upbringing. He is a hardcore gamer and loves to rap. He also seeks approval for his actions and is a soft, light spoken and gentle human.

Vitty is a cunning, 21 year old face reading expert who is fearless and loves tricking people. Her life is meant for the thrill and her moral code changes according to the requirement of the day. She is a fighter who has the courage to stand up for herself and is always ready to face the odds.

Play the game to find out what life has in store for these two.

Our Game Process

On Time Punch is not your typical puzzle RPG, it provides you various heart stopping puzzle experiences which will question your gamer instinct. Are you skilled enough to crack the mind-bending levels of OTP.

  • User Registration

    Fill in the details and stay updated with all the news and information about the game. Registered users also enjoy access to goodies and bonuses.

  • Download and Play

    On Time Punch is a free game on Google Play Store and App Store. Why wait? Try the game now and dive into the insane world.

  • Play On Time Punch

    You don’t win until you play. Play OTP, the best android and iOS app and crack challenging puzzles in a never seen before regal environment.

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ontimepunch brain booster
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Unbelievable Features

Different plans for different user needs
Earn the Medals
  • Level 2 : Recruit Medal
  • Level 3 : Corporal Medal
  • Level 4 : Sergeant Medal
  • Level 5 : Major Medal
  • Level 6 : Guard Medal
  • Level 7 : Colonel Medal
  • Level 8 : Strategist Medal
  • Level 9 : Viceroy Medal
  • Level 10 : Marshal Medal
  • BANG-BANG : 1 Jordan
  • POINT BLANK : 5 Jordans
  • BULL S EYE : 10 Jordans
  • FAST & FURIOUS : 20 Jordans
  • MOON WALK : 50 Jordans
  • MESSI MOVE : 100 Jordans
  • BOOZEBUMPS : 250 Jordans
  • BUBBLE TROUBLE : 500 Jordans
  • JUGGLING JOHN : 1000 Jordans
  • JORDANS : There are Jordans to be collected at all stages.
  • MERRYGO-JORDAN: The venue where you multiply your in game currency.
  • FREE AMAZON GIFT VOUCHER : Play MerryGo Jordan and multiply your jordans by upto 12X and use them to redeem your FREE AMAZON GIFT VOUCHER.
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Play Merry-Go Jordan to multiply your jordans by 12 and redeem them on Amazon as Gift Voucher.
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